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Logo Evolves

posted 31 Aug 2015, 09:16 by Ganaraska Chordsmen   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 13:16 by Tom Holden ]

We are getting green shirts with the logo embroidered on the front. The low brightness green of the logo as it was below does not contrast well with the shirt colour so a "neon" green thread was selected. That makes it pop out nicely, even against a white background so the online logo has been tweaked accordingly. For added online fun, click on the image above to open it alone in your browser to see one of the Ganaraskals "wink".
This new logo (above) will appear on our first publicity brochure come September, 2015 and on our website and other materials replacing the initial one (below) previously used only on the website banner. 
Perhaps the earlier tried too hard to respond to too many objectives:
  • blue to represent the waters and green for the forests in the Ganaraska region 
  • shapes to reinforce those representations
  • indicate that we are about music, particularly singing
  • sense of fun
The result was arguably rather busy. Flipping the bass clef to represent the letter "C" worked but the treble clef was ambiguous - looking more like a "S" than "G". But that did lead to the invention of other uses for the rotated bass clef in the new logo: as the letter "G" and as emoticon-like symbols for four "Ganaraskals" standing for the four parts of Barbershop harmony. 

The new logo is cleaner and more fun while preserving the blue and green colours symbolic of the Ganaraska region. It works better on a variety of backgrounds and fits a circle better. 

Searching with Google for similar images of rotated and mirrored bass clefs turns up no prior usage so these "Ganaraskals" and letter substitutes may be first ever.