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To sign in, you log into a Google account with the username which is your email address on record in our Members List and the webmaster will have to have included that address in the Google Group "Northumberland Hills ON Chapter of BHS". Once logged into a Google Account on record with us, you are also logged into our Members Only services. If you have difficulty gaining access, please contact the webmaster.

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    • Yes. Then click on log into your Google Account and sign in. Then click on Members Only and request access for that ID if prompted. The administrator will send to that Google ID an invitation to join the Google Group Northumberland Hills ON Chapter of BHS. Once your Google Account ID has been accepted as a member of this group, you will have access to the Members Only areas of our website and cloud storage from any browser that is logged into your Google Account.

A Google Account gives you a common login to multiple Google Services, each of which may have its own account. A Gmail account by itself is not a Google Account nor does a Google Account necessarily require a Gmail address as its username. When registering for a Google Account and you do not already have a Gmail account, you have a choice between having your non-Gmail email address as your Google Account ID (username) and having a (new) Gmail address/account as your ID. On the registration form, click on the hyperlink "I prefer to use my current email address" to assign a non-Gmail email address to your Google Account as your Google Account ID or username .

If you choose as your new Google Account username an email address that is different from what we have on record, please notify us of both your new and old addresses by email, preferably from your old email account, at

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A Google ID that isn't Gmail

Google also offers a signup page designed by default for those wishing to use a non-Gmail address as their Google ID: Sign up without Gmail. It lets you change your mind and get a Gmail address as your ID instead.

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Tip: If you do end up with a Gmail account but do not want it as your main email service, it is advisable that you go into its Settings and have it Forward messages to your main email address so you won't miss any notices. See this Help page: Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account